Handmade Chat Janny’s Girl

Jannysgirl Summer Scarf
Summer Infinity Scarf

“I love browsing through fabric stores and dreaming of what a beautiful piece of fabric will become. Sparkly buttons, lace and vintage dresses have a special place in my heart. Who wore them in a time past, what was her life like, how did she feel when she wore it. Those are the things that inspire me to create.”

Jannysgirl totes chevron
Tote bag set

“I began sewing at a very young age. My earliest memories are of sewing with my Mother. We hand stitched doll clothes as we couldn’t afford a sewing machine at that time. As I grew older, my passion for sewing became stronger. I began making my own clothes for school. Then began making handmade gifts for family and friends. I have my Mother to thank for being my greatest teacher. She taught me everything I know. Some of my prized possessions are the handmade baby clothes my mother hand stitched for me and the 2 baby scarves she knitted for my son before she passed away.”

Jannysgirl handmade scarf
White Cotton Gauze Scarf

“My advice is educate yourself beforehand by reading how to books, blogs and even the Etsy seller handbook. Gaining as much knowledge about what you want to sell is key to being successful. You have to love what you do, so let your creativity flow. Check out the competition and don’t under price what you create and never try to match or compete with big box store pricing. What you make with your own hands from your own creative mind, the story you tell will speak volumes to the buyer.

My other advice is to treat your customers as if it were their birthday everyday. Communication and Thank You’s for your customers will keep them coming back. And, you will meet some wonderful people along the journey as well.”

Jennysgirl handmade scarves
Cotton Scarf in Beach Glass

“I love Etsy and have met some of the nicest people. I have so many favorites, but here are just a few very talented Etsy artists I know:
Kelly Bermudez
CariJoy Designs
A and B Design Studio
The Painted Mug
And many, many more, too numerous to mention them all”

You may find Janny’s Girl on Etsy and Facebook.