Pen and Paper

My daughter’s sixth birthday is almost upon us and I am busy writing out invitations and making party plans. While at the dining table with my address book and favorite pen, I realized that I rarely sit to write anything anymore. I used to be an avid paper and pen writer. I had pen pals, sent postcards, kept a diary and jotted notes that were often decorated with doodles. I took great pride in my gorgeous cursive curlycues, embellishing every scented envelope.

In contrast, this morning names and addresses barely flowed from my wrist, which disturbed me greatly. “It’s time for a change, my friend”, I mumbled to myself. I do so love the internet, spell check and how quickly my fingers fly around the keyboard, but I am afraid that the art of pen and paper is getting lost in my quest for quick and easy communication. Would you like to receive a card in your mailbox? I’m fixing to send some.

Veronica Dearly Greeting Card
Veronica Dearly

You needed a good giggle, didn’t you?

Blueberry Paper
Blueberry Paper
Sweethearts in the Park

This is so sweet, I may send it to my husband. Some of the most beautiful handmade items come from Australia and this card from Blueberry Paper is no exception.

Icing on the cake vintage greeting cards
Icing on the Cake

I have to throw in a vintage inspired lovely, from one of my fave shop Angelina’s.

Calligraphuck greeting card
You Fabulous Bitch

So, I will admit that I love the whole Calligraphuck collection. I dare you to send one to your favorite naughty friend.

One Hectare Stationary
One Hectare
Green Thumb Notebook

One Hectare boasts that this is “the perfect stationary gift for people with big ideas”. The notebook is blank inside and perfect for jotted notes that are decorated with doodles.

Are you inspired?

Author: amelie jo

Hi there! I'm Anna, the creator of Amelie Jo Vintage Inspired Kids, a handmade, vintage inspired line of childrens' clothing. My work has been featured by Martha Stewart and Altered Couture Magazine. My blog highlights the beauty of the handmade community, the rough and tumble life of the domestic goddess and the musing of the creative mind.

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